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Lara Bingle, Iggy Azalea and More Placed On Reimagined Australian Banknotes

Creative illustrator, art director and all-round genius Aaron Tyler has created some modern-day, largely popular culture-based Australian dollar notes, highlighting the fact that most Aussies don’t know who’s on our five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes as they stand.

Sure, we know Queen Elizabeth II and probably all did that year-four assignment which required us to give ten fun facts about convict-turned-businesswoman Mary Reibey ($20 note, FYI) but, as Aaron says on his blog, “Those faces were relevant once, but they don’t strike a chord with modern Australia.”

His forward-thinking conclusion? Redesigning Australia’s banknotes with his artistic flair, bringing the country’s most “instantly recognisable personalities and cultural icons that present-day Australians love” to the the forefront. Check out the results below, with everyone from model Lara Bingle to export Iggy Azalea, flamin’ legend Alf Stewart, and morning-show funny man Karl Stefanovic (sorry Kochie) in the mix.

Photos courtesy of Aaron Tyler

[Via Aaron Tyler]