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Willow Smith & Chance The Rapper Interview Each Other, Things Get Expectantly Weird

Why waste your time with the small talk when you can just get seriously deep instead? We’re thinking that was Chance The Rapper and Willow Smith‘s thought exactly when they interviewed each other before the final 2015 #Uncapped show in New York’s Manhattan, with conversation quickly getting REAL.

We’re talking all-enthralling convo about pyramids, brotherhood and sisterhood, how to get adopted by Will Smith, and the universe, or the YOU-niverse, YOU know?

“The universe is the unknown, the YOU-niverse, the YOU-niverse,” Willow emphasises in the interview. “Like, how can you even know anything about the deepest parts of yourself?” That’s when things got really real for Chance, who replied the only way he could, saying, “That’s so deep. That’s so real.”

The pair don’t stop there, going on to talk about the meaning of the term “hustle”, which, according to Willow is, “that you have a goal, and you’re going to do whatever it takes to get to that goal. It’s not tunnel vision, cause you can see what’s going on around you, but you’re focused. You’re like, ‘I’m getting this, and nothing’s going to stop me from getting what I need to get in my life.'”

Watch the video above to get all deep and inspired and stuff.