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WATCH: New Zealand Model Nela Zisser Tries to Break World Record, Scoffs Happy Meal In Under 1 Minute


A photo posted by Nela Zisser (@nelazisser) on

Nela Zisser might have a knack for modelling, but the New Zealand babe can also devour a meal like it’s no one’s business. The 23-year-old set out to beat the McDonald’s Happy Meal record set by American competitive eater Matt Stonie, who smashed the feed in only 16 seconds, and captured it all on tape for our viewing pleasure.

Although the former Miss Earth New Zealand failed to trump the speedy record, she did gobble up the french fries, cheeseburger and soft drink in only 39 seconds. That’s probably how long it takes us to rip our Monopoly vouchers off our Maccas drinks, so we’d say that’s a pretty solid effort.

This isn’t the first time Nela has indulged in competitive eating. She has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to challenges she sets herself, including the time she ate a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in 96 seconds and a 1kg Mad Mex burrito in under two minutes.

Yep, we reckon this girl is about to get approached by a long list of restaurants and fast food chains who are hungry for some press.