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Not Just a Pretty Face: Supermodel Natasha Poly Sings in Frame Denim’s Campaign Video

It appears that Russian supermodel Natasha Poly is not only gorgeous, but she’s an amazing singer too. Poly serves as the face — and voice — of Frame Denim’s 2015 campaign video and it turns out, she’s great. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, label founder Erik Torstensson asked her what she’d do if she weren’t a model. Her reply? “Well, I was going to be a singer,” she said. All it took was Torstensson listening to an iPhone voice recording of her singing and it was decided she would perform for the brand’s video.

“In the beginning, I rehearsed myself at home and was studying all the lyrics,” said Poly. “I came into the studio and started singing so loudly, and they were like, ‘you are doing great, but it isn’t the style of the music!’ That was a funny moment.” It turns out that music has been a passion of hers since childhood. “All of my cousins went to music school,” she revealed. “One would go every day to music school and her voice was so beautiful. I would all the time try to copy her. I would come back to my mom and say, ‘Why don’t you send me to music school? I think I’m really good. It kind of just stayed with me. It was just something I really liked.”

As for the future? It seems Poly is toying around at the idea of a possible (maybe even “permanent”) music career.  “Yeah, I could!,” she enthused. “I mean I really enjoyed it and I think it could be really great.” 

To get a taste of her gorgeous voice, watch Frame Denim’s “Alert Amour” video above.

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