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Johnny Depp Is Worried about His Daughter Working in Fashion

Johnny Depp

Image: WENN

Fathers around the world often worry about the welfare of their teenage daughters, and Johnny Depp is no exception. The actor’s little girl is growing up right before his eyes and although he is happy for the success she’s enjoyed so far in the fashion industry, he admits that he is a little concerned for how quickly all these opportunities are coming for his 16-year-old. 

“To be honest, I’m quite worried,” he dished to Gala magazine. “I wasn’t expecting all this to happen to Lily-Rose, especially not at this age. But it’s her passion and she’s having fun.”

Lily-Rose caused quite a stir when she attended the Chanel Paris-Salzburg show in New York earlier this year, and now she’s a bonafide fashion “it” girl. So far she’s been photographed for Oyster magazine, starred in a music video, landed a campaign for Chanel eyewear and appeared in the latest issue of Vogue Paris. There is no place to go but up for Depp, so it’s no surprise her father would be, well, a dad and kind of nervous for her.

Don’t worry, Johnny. We have a feeling she’ll be just fine.

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