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It’s Not Just You: Losing Weight Is Much Harder Today Than It Was 30 Years Ago

In news that should come as a surprise to no one, staying fit these days is way harder than it was 30 years ago. A study in the Obesity Research & Clinical Practice showed that people today weigh more than their counterparts from the 1980s, despite maintaining a similar diet and exercise program.

“A given person, in 2006, eating the same amount of calories, taking in the same quantities of macronutrients like protein and fat, and exercising the same amount as a person of the same age did in 1988 would have a BMI that was about 2.3 points higher. In other words, people today are about 10 percent heavier than people were in the 1980s, even if they follow the exact same diet and exercise plans,” The Atlantic writes.

So what’s to blame? According to the study, it could possibly be the chemicals in our foods, changes in microbiomes that have happened over the last few decades and also the rise in prescription drug use. But the bottom line is, being a little heavier today may be something we can’t really control through diet and exercise alone.

It’s enough to make you want to give up and start growing your own food on your roof. 

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