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Jesinta Campbell Would Like to ‘Block Out’ Her Miss Universe Stint

Jesinta Campbell at VFNO

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It’s the competition that made her a household name, but Jesinta Campbell is so embarrassed by her hair, makeup and outfit choices from when she was Miss Universe Australia that she’d prefer to block out her reign altogether. 

Speaking to Sydney Confidential, the model admitted that her pageant queen look was “just so tacky”, which is a fair call compared to her chic and well-groomed appearance (with thanks to her stylist sister, Aleysha Campbell) on red carpets these days.

Jesinta Campbell

Photo: WENN

“I think I regret every hair choice, makeup choice and fashion choice I made in 2010 as Miss Universe Australia,” Jesinta laughed. 

“The whole thing was just so tacky, and the hair extensions. That’s why my hair’s short now because it’s still recovering from how many extensions I had in during my reign.” She continued, “You just may as well block that part out of my life and just pretend it never happened.”

If it’s OK with Jesinta, we’ll always remember those heeled uggs. #NeverForget.

[Via Sydney Confidential]