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WATCH: Lorde Is Not Your Usual Jilted Mistress in Her New Vengeful Music Video

Bow down to your Lorde, because she has just highlighted a very important issue in her new music video “Magnets” with Disclosure.

The New Zealand-born songstress steps outside of her comfort zone for the clip, getting steamy as all hell with an already-taken man, Iddo Goldberg (who you might remember as BFF Ben from Secret Diary of a Call Girl), before setting him on fire in a pool of gasoline.

After watching the clip for the first time, questions were raised about why Lorde’s character felt the need to kill a man she was “getting along” with so well in the living room, the walk-in wardrobe and essentially any wall they could find to do the deed against.

But Lorde has made it very clear that this is not your typical mistress scenario, and that she’s actually playing a “hitgirl who pretends to seduce then burns alive douchey boyfriends.”

According to the singer,  the very crucial blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of the entire video is a shot of the girlfriend’s black eye when she’s by the window, with Lorde asking us to “watch with that moment in mind.” 

stepped outside myself and played an interesting character for the MAGNETS video! **the most important detail is the…

Posted by Lorde on Tuesday, 29 September 2015

She explained on Facebook, “That’s the point the whole video hinges on / takes it from being ‘an affair narrative’ to being ‘shitty domestic abuser dude’s girlfriend hired miss ella the hit girl to ‘seduce’ him then take him the FUCK out’.[sic]”

Watch “miss ella the hit girl” in action, above.