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WATCH: Kimbra Transforms Into Snow White for Entrancing Disney Tribute

Kimbra I'm Wishing

Photo: YouTube

Calling fans of Disney (um, everyone) and all things magical: Kimbra has just inserted herself into the wonderful world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with the help of filmmaker Adam C Sager, to perfectly capture her cover of the 1937 classic from the film, “I’m Wishing”.

The New Zealand-born songstress released the twisted tune as part of Universal Music’s “We Love Disney” compilation late last year, however, the new entrancing clip, where we see Kimbra immersed in the storybook world full of cartoon birds and wishing wells, has only just been released online.

After Kimbra and Adam met online, they started bouncing around ideas for something creative they could collaborate on before coming up with this wonderful invention and producing the video in Portland. “To be working with this content is a dream come true,” Adam explained in a behind-the-scenes video.

Kimbra’s Wish :: Behind the Scenes from Laki Karavias on Vimeo.

For Kimbra, she feels a sense of responsibility to the track as its original singer, Italian-American Adriana Caselotti, passed away in 1997.

Adriana held a life-long loyalty to Disney, despite the fact that she wasn’t credited for the film and allegations that Disney blocked her attempts to further her career with other projects as it only wanted her associated with Snow White.

“There is a weight and a responsibility to do it well and also give it a new sense of life,” Kimbra told The Sydney Morning Herald last year. “The original has this eerie voice echoed back to Snow White from the well… [I wanted] to bring that spookiness out. There’s a lot of psychedelia in Disney films.”

[Via Vimeo, The Sydney Morning Herald]