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Cue the Eye Rolls: James Franco Interviews His Feminine Side for i-D

James Franco

Image: WENN

James Franco is an odd fellow who seems to be very interested in womanhood, whether it’s posing in drag or, in this case, just being weird in general. i-D posted an interview with Franco, in which the actor’s male and female personas have a conversation about male privilege in Hollywood and society at large. 

It’s one of those cases where the privileged tries to show they are aware of their privilege by calling themselves out when really the whole thing is one big annoying navel-gazing experience for an audience who can tell that you’re still pretty clueless. While it’s very nice that Franco is thinking about privilege, we think the “female” character he’s created sounds more like a curated selection of Jezebel comments and not someone who has an actual understanding of the issues women and people of color (mentioned only briefly) face. Perhaps someone should give Franco Matt McGorry‘s number. Read on for some choice quotes from the exhausting, masturbatory exchange.

Girl James: Yes. You know that you take advantage of your position as a famous actor to meet women.

Boy James: Woah, woah, woah! Please, it’s not like I’m going out there throwing my fame in everyone’s face in order to meet women.

GJ: You don’t have to, the fame and the fame-hungry world we live in does it all for you. I’m sure women are lining up on your Instagram account to meet you.

BJ: And? Why am I culpable for that? I don’t even check my DMs anymore.

GJ: Yeah, we know why… because young ladies go on there and try to meet you.

BJ: Yup. There are no age restrictions for contacting me. But I don’t contact them back.

GJ: Anymore.

BJ: Look, I never talked to anyone that was legally underage.

GJ: Okay, anyway, that’s not even my point. I’m addressing an imbalance of power. Men in your position have women offering themselves in the hopes that they will get somewhere professionally, or socially.

And then there’s this exchange:

GJ: But I’m still pissed. You know why?

BJ: Why?

GJ: Because you’re a man.

BJ: That’s it? Because I’m a man?

GJ: Yes. I’m sick of seeing handsome white motherfuckers brood all over the screen. Who cares? You are the most privileged group of people in the world! At least give some others a chance to air their woes on screen.

And this:

BJ: Well, what can I do? I am a man! How can I help other than take on women’s issues, collaborate with women on my films, teach women, be directed by women?

GJ: You could cut your dick off.

BJ: Cut my dick off, hmmmm…Yes, I guess I could. But wouldn’t that just look like a publicity stunt?

GJ: Cut it off, and don’t tell anyone.

BJ: Then everyone would still consider me a man.

GJ: Well, who decides? You or what everyone else thinks?

BJ: I guess I do.

GJ: Okay, then cut your dick off and call yourself a woman.

BJ: Maybe there is another solution?

GJ: Okay, Boy James, do you want to be in my girl squad?

BJ: Yes, I do, Girl James. What does that mean, being in a girl squad?

GJ: It means that in everything we do, we support women. We support women at all costs. And women of all types, classes, and races. The men have ruled for too long. It’s time for the women to step up. And the squad ensures that.


We… just can’t. Franco tops it off with a poem he wrote about him wanting to be a woman or at least what he thinks a woman is based off the porn he watches. Because, you see, all women have “clean” buttholes IRL.

Reducing the nuances of gender to a few stereotypes that Franco apparently thinks are complimentary? What a great way to challenge and examine your privilege. Another great addition to the Girl, Please files.

[via i-D]