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Cindy Crawford’s Aging Advice: Stay Away from Magnifier Mirrors

Cindy Crawford is an international supermodel so, duh – she pretty much looks amazing all the time. But the 49-year-old says that even though she’s considered gorgeous, she still has her insecurities, especially as she approaches 50. “Every woman feels pressure to look a certain way, and I think being a model and being in the public eye, in some ways, you’re more aware of it, and you’re more judged by it,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s intimidating.”


Goin’ high voltage for the October issue of @ellecanada. #ElleCanadaCindy | Photo by @maxabadian

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Hard to believe that Cindy Crawford would have anything to be insecure about at all, especially after that “unretouched” photo of hers turned out to actually be retouched – and she looks better IRL than she did in the doctored image. Still, Cindy can’t help but feel the way a lot of women feel about aging. “I definitely say stay away from the magnifier mirrors. You know, sometimes you need them to get mascara on, but then you’re like, ‘Ahh!’ Again, I think that when you’re happy in your life, and you have balance … You can’t help but notice it, but then just don’t be attached to it. Let it go, and focus on the day in front of you. I mean, because what else can you do.”

Girl…we get the sentiment of being wary about aging, but honestly, we think Cindy looks so darn good, she shouldn’t worry about it so much. The proof is in the pudding. Below, 10 pictures straight from Crawford’s Instagram that proves she’s just as flawless as ever.

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