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No Surprise Here: Rihanna Tops Victoria’s Secret’s List of Sexiest Celebrities


Image: WENN

Victoria’s Secret knows sexy – or at least, what is considered sexy by the mainstream powers-that-be. To further assert themselves as arbiters of what is desirable in our culture, the lingerie giant has released a list of “What Is Sexy?” to pay homage to those celebrities it believes have features and assets worthy of the title.

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On the list we have Chrissy Teigen with sexiest hair, Beyoncé with the sexiest bikini body, Rachel McAdams for sexiest actress and Taylor Swift for sexiest legs, which doesn’t surprise us as hers are about a mile long. 

But possibly the most esteemed title was bestowed on Rihanna, who was named “forever sexy” by the lingerie retailer, and we’d have to agree. Between her saucy Instagram posts, badass attitude and penchant for posing in next to nothing (sometimes nothing at all), Riri will always ooze sex appeal.

[via Vogue UK]