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Barbie Lammily Is Truly a Real Woman Now That She’s Got Her Period

Image: Lammily

Image: Lammily

Sorry Mattel, you lose. Properly proportioned fashion doll Lammily gets her period now, something Barbie’s freakish figure would never recieve without suitable room for a uterus. 

Already loved for her curves and optional acne and stretch marks, the educated folk over at Lammily just introduced a “Period Party Pack”, which includes an information pamphlet, panties, uh, “reusable” pads and liners, and a calendar with dot stickers.

The Period Party Pack is priced at $10 USD (buy it here, should you wish), which is actually spot on considering how much Aussies are paying with that bloody tampon tax.

Don’t worry, Lammily will not actually suffer period pain or crimson waves like us real gals do, rather she will help “start an open and positive conversation about our periods” and be utilised as “a fun way to explain the menstrual cycle to kids.”

The company does offer an alternative way to teach your young ones about “that time of the month”, but, as you can see in the video below, that doesn’t look too enticing. Ain’t puberty fun?

[Via Lammily]