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Peep the Trailer for David Beckham and Kevin Hart’s H&M Commercial

It’s finally here! When we found out that David Beckham and Kevin Hart would be filming a commercial for H&M together (dressed exactly alike, no less), we couldn’t wait to see the hilarity unfold. Now, H&M has released a trailer for the fall campaign starring the pair and, yep, it’s pretty darn funny.

The premise of the short is that Kevin Hart wants to play Beckham in I, Beckham: The Movie and to do some character research, Hart follows the ex-soccer player around, wears his clothes, uses his toothbrush, takes videos of him while he’s sleeping…all the hilariously creepy stuff we would probably do if we got a chance to hang out with Becks for a day.

The short shows off H&M’s “modern essentials” that Beckham chose, consisting of all the classic fall pieces a guy needs – the perfect plaid shirt, a blue bomber jacket, a cozy-looking striped sweater and more.

The full video is expected to drop September 28, but this 30-second spot should hold you over until then.

[via H&M YouTube]