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WATCH: David Beckham’s Belstaff ‘Outlaws’ Film Is Finally Here

Belstaff’s short film with David Beckham is finally here and in the 14-minute piece, we get to see Beckham flex his acting muscles. Too bad his character isn’t much of a talker. The short film tells the story of a very handsome lone motorcyclist who is on the run from another motorcycle gang looking to kill him. A flashback reveals the hunky rider became a stuntman in an old-timey circus when he saved a stuntwoman (Katherine Waterston) after her startled horse ran away with her on its back.

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Beckham’s character and the woman fall in love, which makes the circus director (Harvey Keitel) jealous. He tries to have Beckham killed by making him perform what seems to be an impossible stunt, but nobody wants to see a handsome man’s demise, so obviously Beckham nails the stunt and drives off with the girl…who later drives off with his motorcycle. Ain’t that a B. We find out the director is the one who sent out his henchmen in search of the mute Beckham.

The Geremy Jasper-directed film is beautifully shot and narrated in Spanish (with subtitles) and in addition to Waterston and Keitel, also stars Cathy Moriarty. Liv Tyler, who was just announced as the face of Belstaff women, served as executive producer of the project. 

Watch Beckham’s desperado act in the video above.