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14 Times You’ve Seen The Bachelorette’s ‘International Model’ David Witko Before

David Witko

Photo: The Bachelorette

By now we’re all well aware that Australia’s first-ever The Bachelorette will include an “international model” who makes Sam Frost burst into laughter thanks to his blue steel.

We thought he looked familiar, and not just in the Leonardo DiCaprio mixed with Taylor Hanson circa-2003 way. The man in question, David Witko, has appeared in a number of fashion campaigns both in Australia and abroad, so you’ve probably pined over him well before the first The Bachelorette trailers were released.

Make sure you check out all the shoots he’s been in and the runways he has walked, in our gallery below. We’re not betting that he’ll win Sam’s damaged heart, thanks to his questionable conversational skills that we’ve seen so far, but we think he’ll make for solid entertainment.