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Bachelorette Laurina Fleure is Single No More


Did I mention I’m in Love 

A photo posted by Laurina Fleure (@laurinafleure) on

The Bachelor Season 2 contestant Laurina Fleure is officially off the market, announcing on Instagram today that she’s “in love”.

The lucky lad is 28-year-old co-founder Lewis Romano, who, according to NW magazine [Via Daily Mail Australia], met 31-year-old Laurina through mutual friends in Europe this year.

The Melbourne entrepreneur then whisked her off to Rome, which is far better than bachie mansion or the ultimate combo of Strike bowling and Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. “We ran off to Rome and fell in love,” Laurina, who owns online clothing store Pialia Boutique, told NW.

Laurina has already referred to Lewis as her “soulmate”, but admits finding love hasn’t been easy since dating Blake Garvey. “I was a hit nonchalant and bitter about love before meeting Lewis, and The Bachelor definitely didn’t help,” the model explained.

“Ending up with Blake would have been soul destroying,” she continued. “He had lots of ideas as to what a woman should be, and it’s perfect that he ended up with Louise, because she is the cookie-cutter ideal of what a woman and a wife should be.”

Ouch. But best of luck to Laurina and Lewis, hey?

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