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Watch: Lady Gaga’s Powerful Music Video PSA About Campus Rape

We’ve been hearing a lot about the problem of campus rape in the news and Lady Gaga is doing her part to bring awareness to the issue with a new PSA music video, “Til It Happens to You.” The video was made in tandem with The Hunting Ground, a documentary which explores rape on American college campuses, which came out early this year.

The video depicts several scenes of campus rape in different videos, which can be very graphic and upsetting, so watch at your own risk. Diane Warren worked on the song with Gaga, which is available for download and streaming on Apple Music. Part of the proceeds from purchasing the song will go to organizations that help rape survivors. It’s certainly a heavy subject, but it is a necessary one to discuss and it’s great that Gaga, who was a victim of sexual assault herself, is using her platform to thrust the issue further into the spotlight.

Watch the powerful video above.

[via Grazia]