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Anna Kendrick and Gloria Steinem Have the Best Date Ever for Kate Spade

If you’ve ever been stood up for a date and felt bad about it, this episode of the Kate spade #Missadventure series will make you feel a lot better about it. The shoppable short, titled “The Best Company,” is a commentary on dining alone as a woman and how it’s nothing to be ashamed of – actually, it kind of rocks and can lead to some unexpected surprises. 

For the short, Anna Kendrick has a hilariously fabulous dinner – or, rather, dessert date with herself, her purse and her dog when she gets stood up for a date at the Russian Tea Room. After spending some time talking to herself and her pooch (as one does on a dessert date), she peeks over to the booth next to her, the booth she usually sits in, only to discover that her precious seat has been taken by none other than Gloria Steinem, who is also enjoying a drink solo.

Now, there ain’t nothing wrong with eating alone but as we know, two badass gals are better than one. Steinem joins Kendrick for her meal, proving that sometimes the best company is right under your nose – or just a table away.

Watch the video above.

[via Jezebel]