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The Actress from Controversial Pad Commercial Sets the Record Straight on Fat-Shaming Accusations

If you live in Australia and happen to watch TV, chances are you’ve seen the new SOFY® BeFresh™ pad commercial (above) where a woman goes all hermit crab on her life because she feels like “she sat on a jam doughnut”.

Translation: a girl gets her period and all of a sudden becomes a larger body size, emotional, hungry, and, well, just generally unstable. Plenty of viewers don’t love the association of being bigger with an undesirable life where you cry in the shower and scream obscenities at the pizza man, taking to social media, of course, to express their outrage.

Funny thing is, the actual actress who people believe is getting “fat-shamed”, Rose Flanagan, kind of made us question our own perceptions and not the mastermind behind this ad. “Contrary to public opinion, I actually reckon I’m a massive babe,” she wrote on Twitter.

Maybe we all need to check ourselves before we wreck the girl in this ad, who is now inadvertently being called “fat” by most of Australia through the “public opinion” that this ad fat-shames. 

She’s probably just having a little laugh about the entire ordeal, but it does make you wonder if she’s a tad disheartened by the new hashtags circulating in her honour.

The woman responsible for the commercial, Jessie Jordan, who you might remember her as outspoken “JJ” from When Love Comes to Town, is also a little taken aback by the reactions to her work, explaining that Rose’s character was intended to be a “metaphor”.

Whichever side of this debate you are on, we think Studio 10‘s Sarah Harris sums it all up quite nicely.

We repeat: check yourself.