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Brittany Beattie Heads Back to Tradie Work to Escape the High Life

Brittany Beattie on ELLE Australia shoot

Photo courtesy of FOX8

Australia’s Next Top Model winner Brittany Beattie might be all the rage in the fashion industry right now, but the 21-year-old has decided to keep up life as a tradie to stay grounded. 

When we spoke with Brittany earlier this year she told us she’d given up bobcat driving, the job she had before entering the modelling competition, “because it sort of wrecks your body, your hands and stuff, and, yeah, not very good for being a model”, but now she’s revealed that she’s taken it back up.

“I still do bobcat work because it brings me down to Earth,” she told Sydney Confidential. “When I’m on the catwalk it feels like I’m in the air, and in la-la- land. But when I’m back in the bobcat it brings me back to normality.”

“It’s important to keep that [bobcat] side because that’s me, and that’s where it all started. I need to keep in touch with that side of me,” she continued.

She’s not just getting back behind the wheel so she doesn’t become a royal bi-atch like some people who live the high life, though. She actually really enjoys it. “Modelling and bobcat driving are two completely different worlds, but I love them both,” she admitted. 

Well, we hope she doesn’t have to model her “hands and stuff” after a strenuous shift any time soon, but think it’s great she’s staying true to herself.

[Via Sydney Confidential]