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Dao-Yi Chow Says the New DKNY Girl Is All Grown Up

DKNY Fall 2015

Image: Imaxtree

DKNY is set to bow its Spring 2016 offering next week and it is one of the hottest tickets in town as it will be the very first collection from new creative directors Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow. It will be the culmination of all the changes the label has been going through, heralding a new era for the brand that debuted back in 1989. And this new side of DKNY isn’t going to cater to the kids; Chow and Osborne aren’t looking to dress the DKNY girl. As the pair told WWD, they’re interested in dressing grown women.

“The trajectory for the DKNY girl is that she had been getting younger and younger — and younger,” Chow said. “But it didn’t feel authentic to what the brand was, it was too young; it was just too young for us. The modern woman we envision has just started getting into her own in terms of career, starting a family, her life is multilayered with different dimensions. When you’re young, it’s not as complex. For us, those complexities and those dimensions are the interesting pieces in determining what she wants to wear.”

Also on the list of changes is, naturally, the logo, which will be newly rendered in Franklin Gothic lettering, with two blocks on the side. Of course, we can’t wait to see what Chow and Osborne have dreamed up for this season and what the label will look like under their direction. Something tells us their new vision fro DKNY won’t disappoint.

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