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H&M Makes a Pledge Towards Animal Welfare

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

As a fast fashion retailer, H&M has shown time again its commitment to promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility when it comes to how it produces clothes. The retailer recently announced a competition calling for innovators to invent better, more environmentally friendly ways of recycling clothes and now, H&M is focusing on how fast fashion affects the other living creatures on this planet. 

H&M is launching an animal welfare initiative in collaboration with the Humane Society in an effort to help end cosmetics testing on animals and generally improve their lives. H&M outlines its plans to help promote the well-being of animals through its corporate actions, listing responsible standards in wool, down, leather and animal hair. Policies include avoiding down that has been plucked from live or force-fed birds, not using animal fur, refraining from selling exotic animal skins or the skins of endangered creatures, and only accepting leather products from animals that have been bred for meat production.  

“It is always exciting to partner with a company that shares our passion for animal protection. Working with H&M to end cosmetics animal testing, and improve the lives of animals on farms, will set a high standard for others to follow,” Humane Society International CEO Andrew Rowan said. “It will show that it not only makes good ethical sense to treat animals with kindness and compassion, but it makes good business sense too.”

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