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Ashley and Jessica Hart Open Up About Loss, Sisterhood and that Gap

Jessica Hart Ashley Hart

Photo: Channel 9

Sisters Ashley and Jessica Hart might pose for different areas of the cut-throat modelling industry, but the pair share so many of the same memories, experiences and bonds which will forever bind them together. 

In an interview for 60 Minutes, the girls acknowledged that the people they have become today is thanks to their mum, Rae, who waited until she was pregnant with Ashley to leave a difficult relationship with the girls’ father.

“She knew she was going to be a single mother, so she waited until she was pregnant [with Ashley] before she left my father so that we would always have each other,” Jessica explained. “I can’t imagine life without her,” Jessica continued.

“It’s beautiful also, because we’ve always known that in our life, even the relationships we go in and out of with friends and whatever’s happening, there’s always this really beautiful underlying security in each other,” Ashley added, breaking into tears. “We’ll always be OK because we have each other. It’s such a beautiful support to have.”

Jessica also admitted that she wasn’t always keen on modelling, even after her Dolly model search win in 2000, but it was the loss of a friend which really made her determined to succeed in the industry. 

“The turning point for me actually, I was in Paris and a girlfriend that was a model with me in Melbourne, she was a little bit older, I found out that she died and I remember thinking that she would’ve done anything to be in that position,” Jessica cried. “She wanted to model so badly, so I wanted to take it more seriously.”

And, honestly, we can’t imagine the fashion industry without Jessica’s signature gap-toothed smile, even though she revealed there was a dentist appointment to see if she could get rid of it. 

Ashley Hart Jessica Hart

Photo: Channel 9

“I did go to the dentist once. There was talk about it,” she explained. “He said that we’d have to cut the gum out in the middle and remove it, and then I’d have to wear this big thing. It was a head unit and every night I’d have to wheel it in. No thanks,” she laughed.

We’re so glad further dentist appointments didn’t eventuate.

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