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Watch: Lucky Blue Smith Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Him from A to Z

Fashion can’t seem to get enough of Lucky Blue Smith, the boy with the ice blue eyes that has captured the hearts of teenage girls the world over. The 17-year-old model keeps racking up the campaigns and as it’s inevitable that we will continue to see more of him, the kind folks at i-D put together a little video to help us get to know him that much better. The A-Z of Lucky Blue Smith is a combination of facts, features and, um, random phrases and words (hey, there’s no other way to describe it) from the model which sum up his life. 

From his band The Atomics to his penchant for zoning out, the video is Mr. Lucky Blue in a nutshell. The video is set to the tune of the model banging away on a drum set, showcasing that he has more talents than just being really, really, ridiculously good looking. 

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Watch Lucky Blue break it down in the video above. 

[via i-D]