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Lorna Jane Petitions Government to Recognise Her Active Nation Day

Gym wear extraordinaire Lorna Jane has launched a petition, basically asking the government to encourage us to get off our asses and move, nourish, believe.

You might’ve heard of founder Lorna Jane Clarkson’s little brainchild Active Nation Day, created in 2012 “to inspire women, their families, communities, cities and the world to live a more Active Life”.

Well, Lorna really wants the Australian government to encourage recognition, support and community awareness of her special day, and so she has put forward a petition to the Senate which will eventually see the date on the Australian, and possibly international, calendar.

“This year Lorna will be personally presenting our move contribution to the Australian Prime Minister to get a national day of Active Living on the Australian calendar and then the world!” the company wrote on its website.


Active Nation Day 2015

Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980, with 39% of the adult population now overweight and 1.9 billion of the world’s population not getting sufficient exercise. It’s time to make a change and the change starts with YOU!Join us on Active Nation Day, September 27. It’s time to put your health and fitness first – join the MOVEment!#activenationday #lornajane

Posted by Lorna Jane on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The company is making its case by highlighting health issues down under. “With almost two in three Australian adults and one in four Australian children now overweight or obese and weight obesity overtaking smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia, the time has come to act,” the petition said.

Active Nation Day is currently held annually on the last Sunday of September, presumably because Father’s Day was already taken. This year it’s on September 27, with events across the world encouraging women to get out and move their bodies.

If you’re one of Lorna’s loyal devotees, and we know there’s many of you out there, you can help push her case by signing the petition here