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WATCH: Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Clip

Look, it’s pretty hard to follow up from one of the most talked about video clips of 2015, but Taylor Swift has done an alright job with Wildest Dreams.

Trading in Bad Blood‘s red hair and leather-clad ensembles straight from LA’s hottest sex shop, Taylor instead opts for dark-brunette locks and safari-esque outfits on-set for a film in the jungle.

She swaps out her squad of Victoria’s Secret models for, ahem, giraffes, plus actor and all-round babe Scott Eastwood, who is Tay’s love interest for the film within the film.

She makes out with him and clutches onto his back a sufficient amount of times throughout the roughly 4-minute clip, rain hail or shine, only to be let down when she sees him at the film’s premiere with another woman, who appears to be his wife.

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FYI, Scott has a ball making out with the world’s biggest pop star right now. “What an amazing time working with @taylorswift,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Not only is she a rockstar. But someone I am proud to call a friend. She is a great person and those are hard to find in your life. When you do…. Hold tight.”

Oh, and because she’s Taylor Swift, proceeds from the video will be donated to wild conservation efforts through the African Parks foundation of America.

On ya, Tay.