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The Bachelor’s Emily Simms Slapped with Media Ban

Emily Simms

Photo courtesy of The Bachelor

Beauty blogger and The Bachelor contestant Emily Simms says she has been slapped with a media ban by Channel 10, believing it’s because she speaks too honestly.

Following the scene she made at last night’s rose ceremony by storming off before Sam had the chance to let her go, KIIS FM‘s Kyle and Jackie O were able to get in touch with the 31-year-old, despite the ban.

“Why do you think I’m not allowed to do interviews?” Emily asked the radio hosts. Jackie replied, “I think it’s because you’re being honest about what goes on behind the scenes and they’re not liking it.”

Emily Simms The Bachelor

Photo courtesy of The Bachelor

Emily agreed with the assumption. “Obviously I’m not meant to be saying too much, but, yeah, you’re spot on. People don’t seem to like honesty sometimes.”

The ban comes after Emily claimed all the kissing from her treasure hunt date with Sam Wood was edited out. “Can’t believe they didn’t show how much Sam and I were pashing in the water, on the sand, they didn’t show us wrapped around each other in the water! Pfffft boring!!! Hahaha,” she wrote on Dan & Maz’ Instagram post about the show.

Emily has also revealed that she had one too many champas on last night’s episode, and was glad she got to save a bit of her dignity.

Photo: Tenplay

Photo: Tenplay

“I’m very glad I walked when I did, I think I’d reached my limit. Watching that last night, I was very, very drunk in that. I was slurring my words in the car on the way back,” she said.

Whether you walked out or got sent out, we’ll miss you, and your breakfast scarf, Emily.

Photo: Tenplay

Photo: Tenplay

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