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Uproar After Naked Models Hired as Fruit Platters Hand-Feed Guests at Sydney Restaurant

It’s not unusual to set up a marketing ploy at a social event, but Sydney’s Cruise Bar, located in Circular Quay, really took it to another level for its relaunch event last night, August 27.

Models were hired to lie naked on long tables with only a selection of fruit covering their bare bodies, and even hand-fed parts of the platter to passengers on board the grand-ship style bar. 

The PR stunt has caused a ruckus online, with social media users calling it “appalling”, “unacceptable” and an example of “sexism”.

It’s also just a little cruel, especially if the model had an itch, a weak bladder, or, well, just wanted a sip of water while in that compromising position. Plus, a little cushion under their heads couldn’t have hurt.

Restoring our faith in mankind, this marketing tactic has really bitten the restaurant on the ass with some calling to “boycott” and “destroy” the venue. Perhaps next time the organiser will think twice before using women as edible props.