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A Different Kind of Hair Weave: Hair Tapestries Are All the Rage on Instagram

Move over unicorn hair, there’s a new trend in town and it’s got us all reaching for a needle and thread. This weekend, at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles, London-based Bleach Hair Salon set up a booth offering hair tapestries, which have subsequently taken over Instagram, though it’s been around for about a year. The festival-appropriate style is achieved by weaving pieces of string into hair with the help of a loom. You can get the style with extensions or you can weave the yarn directly into your tresses. 


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Marie Claire credits hairstylist Alex Brownswell with starting the trend, saying he was inspired by Andean tapestry from Argentina. We took a quick look to see if somehow this tradition is linked to some sacred cultural practices and it doesn’t appear to be (although if it is, definitely let us know), so it seems this new festival trend isn’t haunted by the spectre of cultural appropriation. So ladies, weave away. (Unless you’re Kathie Lee Gifford and hair tapestries aren’t your cup of tea.)

Check out some examples of hair tapestries below.


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