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This Is How Much Money Australian Bloggers Make

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It’s no secret that the blogging industry is a financially viable one, but what’s still a little uncertain is just how much money these bloggers are actually making. Is it enough to get by? Do they need another job on the side? 

A Catablog survey (via Ragtrader) reveals that 70 per cent of bloggers earn money from their blog, but only 11 per cent earn the equivalent of a full-time wage. 20 per cent earn the same amount as a part-time job.

Catablog’s co-founder Janye Moore said the results prove that many bloggers make money from sponsored posts, however, there is still no industry standard on how much.

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“Half believe the average invoice for a sponsored post is anything up to $250, while 20 per cent say it’s between $250 and $400. Others say it’s closer to $600,” Jayne explained.

According to the research, monetary offers from particular brands and PR companies aren’t always favourable, with 32 per cent feeling like the payment is appropriate and 30 per cent saying it was below what they would expect.

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“Bloggers with a large audience often charge $2,000 for a sponsored post and I know one fashion blogger who charges a minimum ad spend of $50,000 — but when she posts, clothes fly off the racks,” Jayne continued.

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Interestingly, Facebook is the most popular medium to engage with their audience outside on their blogs. Instagram follows and then Twitter, but Pinterest is considered under-utilised, which is surprising considering the visual experience of the platform.

It also seems like bloggers are the one taking full initiative, with 76 per cent planning to diversify and 42 per cent planning to release an e-book. 

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Our conclusions? You can make a hell of a lot of money being a blogger if you’re in that 11 per cent who are dominating. And like so many bloggers tell us: without determination and passion, there’s really no point trying to play with the big guys.

 [via Ragtrader]