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Agender Fashionphiles Have a New Web Destination: You Do You

Fashion is all about doing you, but sometimes retailers won’t let you be great. Agender fashion is trending now, but there are those for which unisex fashion is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s why 37-year-old Christina Wilson created You Do You, an online destination about agender fashion, lifestyle and beauty. “We should all feel free to explore fashion and beauty and find what works for us, no matter how we identify,” Wilson told Mashable. “We just want to get rid of the gender binary system that is so prevalent in fashion, and in life; it seems outdated and silly at this point.” 


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The site has fashion and beauty editorials catering to men and women at the same time. Fellas or ladies looking to enhance their natural looks can refer to a beauty editorial in which a model is made up in demure, tasteful makeup – a pale yellow gold lid, glowing skin and a sheer coral pout. In a fashion editorial, a pigtailed guy dons a skirt and is pictured squinting into space while holding a cordless phone to his ear. In another, a male and female model are outfitted in almost identical looks.


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Wilson’s cohorts, creative director Logan Jackson and managing editor Casey Green, help bring her vision to life, creating a space where fans of unisex clothing and those who don’t necessarily wish to identify with one gender or another can have a place where their preference is treated as the norm. Of course, You Do You is hoping to expand in the future with more editorials and tips on how to approach unisex dressing.

“I think YDY is a good thing — not because I or Kristiina or Casey have the final say on anything in these industries, but because we wanted to invite people to this space so that they could illustrate something new and important,” Jackon said. “And maybe that will create a change.”

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