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Watch: Gigi Hadid Nails Her Runway Walk — on a Treadmill

W September issue cover girl Gigi Hadid is one of the most in-demand faces in fashion right now. Of course she is: she’s gorgeous, has 5 million Instagram followers and she’s also got a mean runway walk to boot. And not for lack of trying. W filmed a short in which Hadid explains her catwalk strut, which she says didn’t happen overnight. “You can’t just like, expect to come in and like, be a great walker. I’ve been taught by the best of the best, really watching a lot. When you are taken into the world of fashion, they want to teach you and take you under their wing.”

Through the video, we see Hadid modeling a slew of runway-ready looks as she walks (and sometimes jogs!) on a treadmill. Of course, Hadid doles out a bit of expert advice on how to achieve the perfect strut. “It’s always left foot in front of right foot. If you go right foot in front of left foot, like, everyone’s going to know. It’s embarrassing, It’s like social suicide.”

Watch Gigi stomp in the video above. 

[via W]