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Etsy Celebrates 10 Years by Looking Back on the Trends That Dominated the Site

Etsy 10 year

Terrarium; Image: Etsy

Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade, is turning 10 this year. To celebrate, the e-tailer is taking a trip down memory lane, exploring the trends that have dominated the website since it’s been in business. Today, it launched a special site to commemorate some of the biggest milestones from the past decade. The website currently boasts 1.4 million sellers and over 2 billion of their listings have been favorited by shoppers. 

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Of course, there has been an evolution in the kitschy handmade stuff Etsy sellers have peddled over time and the site has unveiled shoppers’ favorite items from each of the past 10 years. Mary Andrews, merchandising manager at Etsy, has some analysis on the progression of the website’s trends. “Trends develop in a much quicker environment on Etsy. Because designers are able to create in small batches, essentially launching new concepts with very little lead time, we observe a constant stream of new ideas,” she said. “That, combined with the engagement around social components like favoriting, it doesn’t take long for a new trend to naturally surface within a broad view, where it will generally take off. For example, ear adornments have been a longstanding jewelry trend that continue to take new forms. We’ve watched this trend evolve from cuffs into the increasingly popular climbers, double-sided studs and ear jackets.”

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Below, check out all the trends popular on Etsy over the past decade:

  1. 2005 – Octopus
  2. 2006 – Cupcakes
  3. 2007 – Steampunk
  4. 2008 – Bicycles
  5. 2009 – Chevron
  6. 2010 – Vampires
  7. 2011 – Terrariums
  8. 2012 – Ombré
  9. 2013 – Moons
  10. 2014 – Wall Hangings
  11. 2015 – Ear Cuffs