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Lindsay Lohan Started Her Community Service at a Brooklyn School… for Children

Lindsay Lohan ELLE style awards

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As if there aren’t enough things for parents to worry about when they send their small children to school, parents of Fort Greene’s Duffield Children’s Center will have to worry about their precious children interacting with noted train wreck Lindsay Lohan.

Parents of the young students received a letter from the staff informing that them Lohan would be completing some of her court-ordered community service hours at the school. Despite the actress’ dubious reputation, early childhood education director Ivonne Lopez assured parents that they won’t have to worry about their kids while Lohan is around. “As with any volunteer, this would be under constant supervision from the classroom teacher and Duffield staff,” she wrote in a letter to the parents. “Please know that all requirements for this volunteer work will be met, prior to her entering the classroom. Furthermore, volunteers are never left alone with children.”

Lord knows what kind of antics Lohan might get into left to her own devices around a gaggle of young, impressionable children. Lohan’s rise to fame and meteoric fall into hot messdom has been well-documented in the press, as has the fact that she has 16 days to complete 115 hours of community service. 

But it seems like Lohan’s community service is off to a good start. She tweeted her enthusiasm earlier today, saying she hopes she can “make a difference to their lives.” Naturally, Lohan could not help but do a little self-promotion by regramming a photo of her with a student and what appears to be his mother.

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Um, at least he looks happy? 

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