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Could NeNe Leakes’ Custom Birkin Be More Heinous than Kim Kardashian’s?

Ah, the Birkin bag. The iconic $10,000-dollar plus carryall is the lust of every girl, but it also seems to be the style everyone wants to defile. In 2012, artist Tyler Shields photographed Francesca Eastwood posing with a real-life Birkin set aflame. We couldn’t help but feel a tinge of physical pain watching such a beautiful, expensive piece be turned to ashes. Shields most recently photographed another Birkin being chomped on by an alligator, sweet revenge for his crocodile cousin that went from being a swamp regular to a very expensive purse. 

In December, Kanye West gifted his now wife, Kim Kardashian, with a Birkin bag painted with a horrifying image from artist George Condo. While Kim seemed to like it, the rest of their world was left scratching their heads, wondering why Kanye would ruin a perfectly good bag that costs as much as many American graduates are paying off in student loan debt. 

Not to be outdone by the #worldsmosttalkedabout couple is NeNe Leakes. The mustard-haired reality star took to Instagram to show off her new creation, a personalized Birkin bag covered in some of her most popular catch phrases. “I’m very rich, bitch,” “bloop,” “girl, bye,” and more of Leakes’ gems are painted onto the bag in the style of the scribbles on your 6th grade binder. Actually, we wouldn’t insult your trapper keeper like that–this is definitely worse. And according to Ms. Leakes, her husband Greg is horrified

But the real issue here is: could NeNe’s custom Birkin be uglier than Kim Kardashian’s? Personally, I can’t decide. While they’re both pretty unfortunate, Ms. Leakes’ definitely has a bit of humor to it. It’s clear she doesn’t take the bag as ~seriously~ as Kim (who hasn’t been wearing it lately, hmm…), but then again, Kardashian’s custom piece can technically be considered a work of art. Whether we appreciate that art or not is a different story.

I leave it up to you, dear reader. Which Birkin is more heinous?

[h/t Racked]