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WATCH: Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway Become ‘One of the Guys’ in New Jenny Lewis Music Video

Let’s just come out and say it: this could be Kristen Stewart‘s best acting gig yet. Indie rocker Jenny Lewis tapped Stewart, Anne HathawayTennessee Thomas and Brie Larson to appear in her music video for “One of the Guys” — in which each dresses in drag with hilarious results. 

Donning Adidas tracksuits, silly facial hair (we cannot stop laughing at Lewis’ raggedy ginger goatee or Hathaway’s rat tail), bad wigs and baseball caps, each woman mimes and swaggers about, putting on her best impression of male bravado. There’s crotch grabbing, breakdancing, even a little baby daddy drama–Lewis clutches a positive pregnancy test and the camera cuts to the singer in drag mouthing, “It’s not f***ing mine.” But no performance is as hilarious as Kristen Stewart’s–the mustachioed actress really nails that sleazy, douchey dudebro persona, coaxing the camera to her and pointing at her imaginary junk. She almost plays the role too well.

If anything, the video will have you laughing. Watch the whole thing above.

[h/t Paper]