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Hot Belgian Soccer Fan’s L’Oréal Contract Has Already Been Dropped

Image: Getty Images Sport

Image: Getty Images Sport

Almost as soon as her dreams of international supermodeldom began to come to fruition, Axelle Despiegelaere‘s modeling days have been cut short. This week, the Internet made one big fuss over the young Belgian beauty, who scored a L’Oréal contract after a photograph of her at a World Cup soccer match went viral. Axelle was featured in a “hair tutorial” YouTube video for the brand’s social media outlets and we thought that we’d be seeing more of the 17-year-old’s face for future campaigns. But according to the folks at L’Oréal, we won’t.

Just like that, the French beauty brand has dropped the soccer fan. L’Oréal says that after the video, Axelle’s contract was fulfilled, as she was only tapped to do the social media video — not represent the brand on a regular basis.

But a few people think that Axelle was dropped because of an outcry over an image she posted to her now-deleted Facebook fan page, depicting her kneeling next to what appears to be a dead gazelle, brandishing a rifle. “Hunting is not a matter of life or death…it’s more important than that,” she captioned the photo. “This was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt Americans today haha.” The image garnered angry comments from people who were offended by her “hunt Americans” remark.

L’Oréal wouldn’t say if it let Axelle go because of the photo, but we know for sure that unless the company offers her another contract, it’s the last we’ll be seeing of her…at least until some other brand scoops her up (the NRA perhaps?).

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