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What Could Kanye West Possibly Be Teaching at L.A. Trade Technical College?

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

Kanye West is currently serving community service hours after cutting a plea bargain with the photographer he roughed up last July. But while other celebs have completed their hours picking up trash (in couture gowns, if you're Naomi Campbell), Kanye's serving out his hours doing his favorite thing: yakking about fashion.

The rapper will complete his 250 hours by giving lectures at the L.A. Trade Technical College and apparently the focus of his speeches are all expected to be about fashion. And here we thought community service was supposed to be a punishment, rather than an opportunity to have an ego-boosting experience. TMZ reveals that Kanye has visited the school three times in the past six weeks. His most recent session was a three-hour talk about designers. We scoured social media to see if we could find any Instagram or Twitter footage on his talks, and sadly, there is none, so for now, Kanye's lessons remain a mystery to all outside his classroom. The most we could find were star-struck tweets confirming he was there.

So, if you're reading this and you actually attend LATTC and were in the class–we'd like to hear all about it.