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WATCH: Woman’s Mascara Gives Her an Orgasm in Too Faced’s Latest Commercial

If putting on makeup was this sexy, I’d wear it every day. 

Too Faced has released a commercial for its “Better Than Sex” mascara and it is a little weird, but also–really hilarious. The spot opens with a woman casually trying to apply her mascara, when all of a sudden, she hears a Barry White-esque voice coming from the tube. Turns out, her “Better Than Sex” mascara only wants to give her the “longest, thicket, most luscious lashes” of her life, and it will be an experience like no other. “Dip my wand, and let me get to work,” the metallic pink tube croons.

Yep. She basically has a twitching orgasm by the end of the spot. If only something as simple as applying mascara could make you do that IRL…

Watch the hilarious commercial above.

[h/t Jezebel]