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See This Year’s $10 Million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, Modeled on Candice Swanepoel

Image: Facebook/Victoria's Secret

Image: Facebook/Victoria

Ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is scheduled to air on December 10, People StyleWatch got a preview of this year's iteration of the brand's "Fantasy Bra," a gem-encrusted emblem of our declining civilization. This year, it will be modeled by Candice Swanepoel, who is honored by the opportunity to wear $10 million worth of precious stones on her breasts on national television:

“They had to mold my body to be able to make [the bra], and I was really excited. I tried to imagine after they’d done the mold, how would they make it, how it would look. My imagination didn’t do it justice. My favorite part is this beautiful 52-carat pear-shaped ruby. Every part of it is exquisite.”

The last time one of Victoria's Secret's "Fantasy Bras" reached a double-digit value was in 2005, with the "Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra" worn by Gisele Bundchen, which was worth $12.5 million. Since then, the highly-publicized undergarments have hovered ("modestly") near the $2-5 million range. According to the most recent report, from 2009, no one has ever purchased a fantasy bra.