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Crystal Renn and Olivier Zahm Go to the Gas Station for Agent Provocateur

Image via WWD

If you ever plan on pumping gas in a retro-inspired monokini, make sure you're Crystal Renn doing a lingerie shoot with Purple mag founder and photographer Olivier Zahm

Agent Provocateur recruited the duo for its Spring/Summer campaign. Even though I could say lots of words about Zahm's seeming aesthetic/moral promixity to ultimate creepster Terry Richardson, Renn's high fashion sex appeal and the way she telegraphs invincibility make this a pretty genius pairing. 

Wait, did you look at that picture? Hot/haute. 

Maybe too hot? Zahm told WWD: “The gas station is a fetish, a place to have fun and stretch your legs after hours of driving, a place where you can accidently meet a handsome stranger." Woah ladies: please do not go looking for handsome strangers at gas stations. There are coffee shops for that sort of thing! The best you're gonna find at gas station is someone like Olivier Zahm and … [shudder] I personally wouldn't want a proverbial piece of that.