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Talulah Cruise 2012 is a Cup Day Victory Minus the Champagne Hangover

Cup Day might be behind us, but Talulah’s Cruise 2012 collection is pretty enough to make us want to relive even the most violent of 4 p.m. champagne hangovers.

‘Love Blind’ incorporates athletic silhouettes, geometric prints and bright colours into a fun sized collection of predominantly trackside-appropriate dresses. Sure, most of them are cut on the short side, but sleek tailoring and clean detailing help make them less likely to offend your grandma. You can bet on that triangle-print one-shoulder dress with latticed bodice not remaining on shelves for very long, and ditto for the modern minty green take on a classic sundress. 

As evidenced by the postcardesque campaign shots, these clothes will also be perfect for your next vacation to Côte d’Azur, or if that’s not in the cards, then anywhere you’ll be required to move around without looking stiff and awkward. A little utilitarian comfort is a big factor for designer Kellie Wharton, who’s offered it here by using architectural structure in the detailing while keeping the dresses themselves nice and comfy. Add to that a floral jumpsuit that’s not actually a jumpsuit at all but a matching top and pants, and you’ve got a collection that’s pretty much all-activities appropriate. 

Images: Talulah's Facebook