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France Withdraws John Galliano’s Legion of Honor

John Galliano is the great designer and not-so-great human being who was sacked from his position as head designer of Dior last year, after he was filmed making anti-Semitic and racist remarks.

The disgraced designer has recently reemerged in Paris after a stint in rehab. He's been spotted dining with Anna Wintour and flâneur-ing around all over the place. Even though he hadn't released any details about his upcoming projects, he still retains the support of many of the industry's top people and so I have the feeling that we haven't seen the last of John Galliano.

Still, his path towards redemption just became a little more difficult to walk on because someone stole his shoes. More, uh, literally, French President François Hollande released a decree stripping the designer of his Legion of Honor award, which he'd been granted in 2010. How embarassing!

I don't know what noble or gallant thing Galliano had originally done to deserve the medal, but surely he understands President Hollande's reasoning: national honor awards and anti-Semitic rants make strange bedfellows these days.

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