The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 8 — Gym Wear

To know me is to know that I’m not a person you want to be around if I don’t manage to get in an hour of yoga or a Barry’s Bootcamp class at least every other day. Unfortunately, neither of those things are all that conveniently located (one being all the way on the Upper East Side and the other being in Chelsea), so the only way to make it work on a busy day is to pack lightweight essentials with me so that I can run over at a moment's notice.

I have a pronating foot (my foot points slightly outwards when I run), so I need to run in a stability shoe when possible, but those tend to be bulky and heavy. So, I've been making some compromises and running in Reebok's Realflex, a neutral running shoe that's super lightweight and easy to tote around. I've also been stuffing American Apparel cotton leggings in my handbag — not the best when you're going to be sweating, but they're light and work equally well for running and yoga — and a Nike Dri Fit Sports Bra (luckily, Barry's and hot yoga are two workouts were most women work out in nothing up top aside from a bra). Add spare underwear and that's it! Luckily, both studios have full amenties when it comes to bath and body products so I don't have to worry about bringing any showering essentials with me.

Who knew that a fashion's girl's best friend would be her sneakers? And not even the Isabel Marant kind…