The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 5 — Warm Outerwear

One of the biggest problems with working in the fashion industry is that you’re constantly bombarded with sartorial temptations. Case in point, when I put together some gift guides for The Fashion Spot, I couldn’t help but splurge on myself…sometimes it’s too easy to forget about budgets, especially when it comes to a money-is-no-object guide (pardon the selfishness!). Luckily, the splurges were all on obsession-worthy investment pieces, one of which was a shearling coat from Karl Donoghue (similar to this one).

The coat is gorgeous. Not to toot my own horn, but I get complimented on it all the time and while it drives me nuts that although the coat looks black, it’s actually blue and therefore proceeds to leave blue marks all over some of my favorite purses, I can’t help but wear it much to the detriment of my accessories. Better yet, it’s not only incredibly chic, it’s incredibly functional and keeps me warm even in the most frigid of temperatures (not to mention Nemo). It’s burdensome enough when you have to change shoes, the last thing you want to do is run home and change outfits, so I love that if heaven forbid I’m caught in a situation this week where something unexpected comes up that I’m not appropriately dressed for, I can just leave this fitted coat on and no one will blink an eye.