The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 3 — Oversized Bag

One of my best friends is a total shopaholic. Whether she’s at Barneys, Macy’s or a flea market, she’ll find something she needs to have. We had dinner plans a few months ago at The Nomad and before sitting down, we popped into Maison Kitsuné. Before I knew it, she had checked out with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes (though that only amounted to two things at the pricey boutique) and I was left contemplating a bag. “You’ll wear it with everything,” she said of the Want Les Essentiels de la Vie bag I was eyeing. I was dubious, but I succumbed to the loving peer pressure and bought it.

Fast forward to today and the bag really has become the best friend that I take with me almost everywhere. The brand specializes in menswear accessories, but the O'Hare Tote I bought can just as easily work for women. It’s super convenient for Fashion Week because it has slots for shoes in case you need to switch between events (or subways…) and conversation-starting touches that fashion folks appreciate like bi-colored gold and silver zippers (because the siblings behind the brand couldn’t agree!). It's also got front pockets, interior laptop pockets and a shoulder strap, making it beyond convenient to store my iPad Mini, Organic Avenue snacks, iPhone (though who am I kidding, it's always glued to my hands), and pretty much everything else I need to get me through the day. (More on the essentials stored inside in the coming days!)