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Lindsay Lohan Earns $500K Modeling for Philipp Plein

After Lindsay Lohan was hired as the new face of Philipp Plein, the internet started to wonder if maybe there was something less than professional going on in their relationship. The implication here is pretty horrible (if Lindsay's getting work, she must be offering her employer sexual favors), but I guess I don't really expect more from the world of celebrity gossip, and I actually wish that Lindsay would just stop doing anything at all for a good six months so that tabloids and their ilk could break the habit of writing about her.

She could just stay home and drink tea. I recommend a kitten. This had been what I was hoping would happen during her house arrest saga, but she was too busy throwing parties and leaking stories about her new screenplay to the press.

Based on some photos floating around, it is possible that LiLo felt some sparks with Philipp Plein and their relationship shifted into different territory, but it seems pretty obvious that wasn't why she was hired to be the face of the brand, and paid a whopping $500,000 (can I have some of it?!?!) for the gig. In this great nation, Lindsay Lohan is tabloid catnip, and Plein's trying to grow his brand. The German designer has decent name recognition in parts of Europe—Germany, Switzerland, Austria—but interest in Plein is so low in the US that Google Trends won't even show you a graph for his search volume. No one in the US actually searches for anything besides Lindsay Lohan, so taking her side is bound to boost Plein's profile.

[AmyGrindhouse; image from WENN]