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Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson Hold Hands, Sip Champagne

According to some weeklies, last weekend Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson found each other to be pretty swell at "NYC hot spot" Provocateur. When Bradley first showed up, he hardly even noticed ScarJo, and chose to devote his attention to aspiring model and singer Cheyenne Tozzi. Deciding, I guess, that her name reminded him too much of a spice, Cooper soon shifted his eyes to one of Hollywood's most A-listy A-listers. 

Scar Jo Bradley Cooper

Pretty soon, ScarJo and BradCoop (I made that up. "BradCoop" — it's good, right?) were holding hands and sipping champagne and probably gazing soulfully into each other's eyes. Their agents would have been proud.

ScarBradJoCoop played lovers in He's Just Not That Into You, which bodes well for their budding relationship. Bradley's been on a dating spree since breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Renee Zellweger. After having been spotted leaving a party with Olivia Wilde, the actor was seen dining at Per Se with recently divorced Jennifer Lopez. ScarJo split up with her husband of two years, Ryan Reynolds, in December, which preceded a very public breakup with fantasy rebound Sean Penn. Celebrities seem so unhappy. Maybe they should stop dating each other?