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Peng Chang Helps Vogue Taiwan Highlight Sustainability for January 2022

Vogue Taiwan doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. Month after month, the title often goes unnoticed and it has been six years since the publication truly had our undivided attention. Since relaunching back in 2020, Leslie Sun continues to propel the magazine to new heights with the first offering of 2022 highlighting the importance of sustainability proving to be nothing short of spectacular. Peng Chang is photographed for a pair of covers by Zhong Lin with the model holding an ice pop composed of polluted water from areas across Taiwan in cover one (below). For cover two (after the jump), Peng poses in a pool of murky water.

Vogue Taiwan January 2022 : Peng Chang by Zhong Lin


The outcome took our forum members by complete surprise. “OOH LA LA! Amazing start to 2022 for Vogue Taiwan,” said DK92.

“I’m not easily blown away by magazine covers these days, but this is breathtaking. So impeccable! The second cover is such a masterpiece, it reminds me of the glorious Vogue Italia August 2010 cover story. This is how you do sustainability in fashion,” applauded aracic.

“Lovely, very pretty and the concept is clear yet not that overdone. This is how it should be on average, not an exception,” dontbeadrag pointed out.

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“Both covers are strong, but the second cover is just stunning. It gave me a little heart lurch that makes me realize how much I miss seeing fashion photography that isn’t terrible… Beautiful work,” raved cestmagique.

“Those are some of the most enthralling images to ever come out of today’s sad state of fashion. A very strong start to the new year,” noted Ken Doll Jenner.

“Wow, just wow…beyond gorgeous, such a strong start to the new year: a newcomer on the cover with star potential…a STUNNING color palette for both covers and every little styling detail is just beyond,” approved Legolas.

Vogue Taiwan January 2022 : Peng Chang by Zhong Lin


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